Friday, June 10, 2011

Move over Finland: The New International Lie about Education (Germany)

See "The German Example" in the NYT.


"Beyond the job market, Germany has also made a big effort to improve its education system. Eric Hanushek, a Stanford University economist, notes that Germany’s performance on the main international math, reading and science tests have become such a matter of national concern that the name of the tests — Pisa — is now a household word. 'In the U.S.,' he says, 'Pisa is still a bell tower in Italy.'”

Wow, all the U.S. needs to do is focus on PISA, like Germany!

Except, Germany has half (10%) the childhood poverty of the U.S. (20%), and when you consider poverty. . .oops!. . .the U.S. has HIGHER PISA scores than Germany.

So Germany is the New Finland in the misleading education reform debate. . .